Endometriosis is a condition that occurs most commonly in women of reproductive age, whereby endometrial tissue appears in abnormal locations.  Because this is also a hormone-related condition, the dietary recommendations, hormone-balancing strategies and lifestyle mentioned throughout this website should be combined with the following TCM formula The main goal of Nai-shing’s treatment strategy for endometriosis is to strongly move the blood to flush out stagnation.

Use a formula made from dang gui root, cyperus rhizome (xiang fu or C.  rotundus), leonorus (yi mu cao or L.  heterophyllus), fennel seed (xiao hui xiang or Foeniculum vulgare), cnidium (chuan xiong or Ligusticum wallichii), red peony root, carthamus flower, and persica seed (tao ren or Prunus persica).  If there is pain, add corydalis tuber (yan hu suo or C.  yanhusuo). 

This condition is difficult to treat and usually requires professional support. The herbal medicine should be considered supportive, or for prevention after surgical intervention.