STONEROOT (Collinsonia canadensis)

Latin: Collinsonia canadensis

WHAT IT DOES: Stoneroot is sour and spicy in taste, and warming in action.  It relaxes constriction and clears venous congestion and inflammation from the mouth, throat and lungs, down through the lower bowel and anus.

RATING: Silver, due to limitations in usage


• 1:5 tincture: 30-40 drops three to five times per day

Stoneroot is very useful for treating various types of venous congestion associated with constriction and lack of venous tone, including hemorrhoids, varicose veins, benign prostatis hypertrophy (BPH) and chronic laryngitis.  The whole plant is used as a tincture, and it can be used in formulas treating gastritis and colitis.  Eclectic physicians used stoneroot as an effective gargle for “Minister’s throat,” a condition of scratchy congestion that results from talking too much.  Used over time, this herb strengthens the veins.

At our clinic we combine stoneroot with gotu kola and butcher’s broom to make a very effective “venous congestion formula.”  In addition to prescribing this formula for internal use, we instruct patients to use cotton to apply the combination topically over spider veins twice a day.  Before I was married I suggested this to a girlfriend, and the treatment made her spider veins disappear within two months.  I got lots of points for that one.

The Eclectic uses of Collinsonia