AGURU WOOD (Aquilaria agollocha)

Latin: Aquilaria agollocha
Sanskrit: Aguru / Agaru
English: Aloewood, Eaglewood

WHAT IT DOES: Aguru wood is bitter in taste and hot in action.  It increases blood circulation to the lungs and head area, and tonifies and warms the entire body.

RATING: Silver, due to minor limitations in usage


• Crude powder: two grams two times per day

Aguru is a large tropical and sub-tropical, fragrant evergreen tree.  The resinous wood strongly catalyzes circulation in the cranial organs and chest.  This makes it a very effective treatment for bronchial asthma.  It warms the lungs, causing a reduction in the spasms and mucus exudation (Vata and Kapha).  It also relaxes tension in the muscles surrounding the lungs, so it is indicated specifically for spasmodic asthma.  Aguru wood is also used as a tonic for improving mental function.  It is often prescribed for this purpose in the form of incense, or as an herbal cigarette.

Research highlights

• Aguru wood has been shown to reduce allergy reactions by inhibiting histamine release from mast cells (Kim et al., 1997).

• Studies in mice show that extracts of aguru wood possess potent central nervous system depressant activities (Okugawa.  et al., 1993).  Since it doesn’t contain any ephedrine, this herb can be used when ma huang is contraindicated.