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Naixin and Alan Tillotson
Naixin and Alan Tillotson

The Chrysalis Natural Medicine Clinic is a family owned integrated holistic health center. We have been in operation since 1986. Alan and Naixin (Nai-shing) Tillotson treat patients during our regular office hours.

We also have a phone consultation service for patients and physicians throughout the world. (Call 302 994-0565 for information)

We specialize in the integration of the world’s natural medicine systems to find or create natural solutions for health problems, including those of the most serious nature. We utilize herbal medicines, Chinese medicines, acupuncture, vitamins, nutrition, lifestyle interventions and Ayurvedic medicines. We also maintain an extensive research library/database, a free online herbal medicine course for patients and doctors,  and work in harmony with many local medical doctors. We are dedicated to finding the highest quality, safest, and most effective natural medicines available in the world to build health and avoid illness.

Integrated Herbal Medicine – Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic

Herbal Medicine Room at Chrysalis
Herbal Medicine Room at Chrysalis

Herbal medicines for nourishing the body and building health are perhaps the major focus at Chrysalis. Alan and Naixin Tillotson formulate herbal medicine and natural medicine protocols for their patients during regular office hours. We maintain over 1,000 herbs in stock at all times, and our large data base on natural medicine is continually updated. We subscribe to numerous major journals, and actively participate on internet natural medicine forums for physicians. We have several hundred textbooks on Chinese medicine alone in the original language, and access to the three largest medical journals from China. As a result, we are able to provide up-to-date information on the medical, pharmacological, and scientific aspects, as well as the traditional uses of most of the world’s herbal medicines.

Western Nutritional Medicine

Alan Tillotson
Dr. Alan Tillotson

Prescription of vitamins and nutrients (nutraceuticals)  properly according to modern understanding of nutrition, anatomy and physiology is the focus of Western nutritional medicine. At Chrysalis we evaluate and keep abreast of the latest findings in the field of natural medicine solutions for health problems with a special focus on separating fact from fiction.

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Alan and Naixin (Nai-shing) Tillotson are both licensed Acupuncturists,  trained in the formulation of safe nontoxic Chinese medicine treatments and Acupuncture treatment according to the pattern differentiations of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture at Chrysalis Natural Medicine Clinic
Acupuncture at Chrysalis Natural Medicine Clinic


Acupuncture treatments are given at Chrysalis by Naixin and Alan. Patients typically take 4-8 treatments to (in Chinese medical theory) stimulate the flow of “Ch’i” or life force along the acupuncture meridians to balance and harmonize the body.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Alan Tillotson was a student of the late Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya (Dr. Mana) of Nepal beginning in the late 1970’s. Information about this medical system can be found on this website Alan created with the help of Dr Mana’s son and Todd Caldecott of Canada.

Classes and Lectures in Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and T’ai Chi

We offer limited private classes at our clinic in English and Chinese to advanced students only by private arrangement. Contact us with your resume if interested.

We do a limited number of lectures and classes each year to outside groups. If you are interested in having us give lectures or classes to your group or organization, contact us as well.


OR CALL THE OFFICE NOW AT (302) 994-0565

Note: Phone consultations are  for informational purposes only, and are not a substitute for professional advice from your physicians. If you wish to use herbal medicines and supplements, get your physician’s approval first.